The baby boomers are the generation born in the years after World War II. The term baby boomer refers to a person who is a member of that generation. Baby boomers are often associated with the American society, but they have also shaped other cultures.

Baby boomers were born at a time when most people were living in cities and suburbs, and many had moved from rural areas to live in urban environments. There was a lot of economic prosperity, and there was an increase in the number of households with two parents working for wages.

Baby boomers have been influencing society for decades and they still do today. They were the first generation of teenagers and they were also the first generation to grow up with TV, computers and social media. This generation is now getting older and is starting to retire from work which means that they are now becoming grandparents themselves. This means that they will have more time on their hands so they can spend time with

A Little Bit of the World

Pre-Modern History

Starting with the Earth’s arrangement, through to the start of the present day, fan top choices like old Egypt, antiquated Greece, old in Mesopotamia, Harappa, the Roman Empire, and Aksum make their introductions. However, they straightforwardly affect this present reality, these noteworthy societies held significant impact throughout the span of history. The innovations of horticulture, fire, massive development, and discourse are the reinforcements of human existence, as well as the advancement of artistic expression and sciences. Look at our timetables to find more about these remote (and frequently unrecognizable) times.

Late Modern History

Late advancement, in the event that it very well may be definitively recognized from the current day, starts in the nineteenth century and closures with World War II and the start of the nuclear period. The late present day time frame is described by industry, movement, the pinnacle of expansionism and colonialism in Africa and Asia, and the beginnings of industrialized fighting. Before the finish of this time span, the global domains of the past will start to fall to pieces, making ready for the current countries of the world.

Early Modern History

With the “rediscovery” of Classical learning in the West, the innovation of new monetary models like mercantilism, and expanded contact all over the planet, the world starts to take the shape it has today. Early advancement will see the production of the country express, the ascent of private enterprise and expansionism, and the beginnings of industrialization. Across the whole world, from Mali to the Maratha, this time-frame will see the solidification and ascent of thousands of prominent commonwealths and nations. Investigate a portion of the features from this characterizing time of mankind’s set of experiences, including the American Revolution and the French Revolution.

Contemporary History

Contemporary history starts with the parting of the particle and the ascent of PCs in the twentieth century into the 21st century. These two new innovations more than whatever else will in a general sense shape the course of human undertakings. The contemporary period is portrayed before the finish of pilgrim colonialism, the ascent of globalization and neocolonialism, the Cold War, and the fast development of worldwide correspondence. Being the present, it’s difficult to say when or how this time span might end.

Top 20 Most Popular Girl’s Name in the 1950s

  1. Mary
  2. Linda
  3. Patricia
  4. Susan
  5. Deborah
  6. Barbara
  7. Debra
  8. Karen
  9. Nancy
  10. Donna
  11. Cynthia
  12. Sandra
  13. Pamela
  14. Sharon
  15. Kathleen
  16. Carol
  17. Diane
  18. Brenda
  19. Cheryl
  20. Janet

Top 20 Most Popular Boy’s Name in the 1950s

  1. James
  2. Michael
  3. Robert
  4. John
  5. David
  6. William
  7. Richard
  8. Thomas
  9. Mark
  10. Charles
  11. Steven
  12. Gary
  13. Joseph
  14. Donald
  15. Ronald
  16. Kenneth
  17. Paul
  18. Larry
  19. Daniel
  20. Stephen

Let’s Ride the Time Machine and Journey Back to When Baby Boomers Were Born

Remembering the 1950s

Toward the start of the 1950’s kids were seen and not heard. Rock and roll, with its dissident picture, changed this. Elvis and James Dean were the popular idols. For sure you’ve seen them in beautiful photos of Chevrolets parked in their home’s concrete driveway, which look cool in the past. However, at that point so was Pat Boone. Our dads had occupations that they would resign from and mother remained at home with the children.

Remember the 1960s

The 1960’s begun with such guarantee. The normal family possessed a house in the suburbs, a youthful president was recently chosen and no one had known about Vietnam. Ed Sullivan acquainted America with John, Paul, George and Ringo. Could that truly be north of forty years prior? This decade finished with fight, bloom power, deaths, and the Vietnam war continuing and on and on.

Remembering the 1970s

During the 1970s, the first Earth Day was celebrated in honor of mother earth, where everyone turns off electricity and take a pause for one hour.  During this year, President Nixon orders U.S. combat troops into Cambodia to destroy North Vietnamese sanctuaries.  Of course, most of you probably know (including the generation) that the it is during this year when the Beatles broke up.  In 1974, President Nixon resigned in disgrace and in the same year William Gates drops out of Harvard to write software for home computers.

Taking a Look Back at the Baby Boomers

Through history, we can figure out how past social orders, frameworks, belief systems, state run administrations, societies and advances were assembled, how they worked, and how they have changed. The rich history of the world assists us with illustrating where we stand today.

Developing your insight into history implies fostering your insight into this multitude of various parts of life. Kids can find out about the points of support whereupon various human advancements were assembled, including societies and individuals not the same as their own.

This information makes them more adjusted individuals who are more ready to learn in the entirety of their scholarly subjects.  Feel free to browse  our long list of memories about baby boomers and fly yourself to history.